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China is getting more and more attention from the world due to an increasing interaction and presence in societies, trade and politics. Nevertheless the country remains a puzzle and white spot for many about what is going on in Chinese daily life and what are the backgrounds, perspectives and ambitions of people and government. 5iZ China blog provides a window into today's China. Whether it is about people, culture, society, history, environment, economy or business; the blog reflects what is happening in China, how Chinese people deal with life and what is China all about in the past, presence and future. A must follow for people or businesses involved with or interested in China to create an objective and wider perspective.

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5iZ has been established in 2018, as a blog, service and consultancy platform incorporated in Dumoco (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd., a WFOE enterprise registered in Tongzhou district, Beijing since 2010.

The perspective of China's rich and diverse society undergoing huge transformations is still very limited in other countries despite China's increasing social interactions, trade and influence in the world. 5iZ has been born through the need, ambition and necessity to create a more objective and diverse perspective, a personal feel and insight view of China today as well as providing services and guidance for people, institutes and businesses who like to be active in or learn more about China......

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