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China Business, Society and Culture


Even though China is getting more known throughout the world and interactions are strongly increasing through business, culture, politics and education, the 'Middle Kingdom' is still a mystery and white spot to many with differences in culture, society and business practices. Moreover China is going through a spectacular transformation with huge, almost daily changes in practically all aspects of society, business and governance. 


Ready to learn more about China today ?

5iZ provides seminars, lectures and presentations on China today. Whether you are a business, government organization, university or other education institute; the increasing participation of China in today's world makes it vital and necessary to develop an objective perspective and impression of what is happening in China today. Learn about what is actually going on in the streets, how Chinese people live their lives, how they look to the world and future and which direction China will be headed towards the future.


Seminars and presentations can be customized to your specific target audience or scope.  

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Business Partner China


Searching for a strategic business cooperation, product or distributor in China ?

5iZ is your local partner in China to assist and consult in your business ambitions, whether you like to start selling in China, sourcing a product or looking for OEM manufacturing capacity.  


Looking for a local corporate representation presence in China ?

5iZ offers alternative corporate China representation formats from a simple and fast business and brand representation incorporated in the Chinese 5iZ business structure to assisting in the registration process for setting up your own representation entity. 

Need to get your management and staff ready and prepared for doing business or working in China ?

5iZ offers customized business seminars and presentations to prepare people for doing successful business or working in China.

5iZ partners and collaborates with a close network of organisations and institutes in China to assist in your corporate ambitions related to the Chinese market.

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Cross Border E-Commerce China


Eying China as a potential market for your health foods, skin care or luxury products ?

China is a highly potential market for imported consumer products, especially for the natural, health, skin care and luxury segments. The Cross Border E-commerce concept is a convenient entrance into the Chinese market for your products as less import regulations are required and e-commerce is thriving in the daily lives of Chinese consumers. 


On the other hand, the Chinese market is very different and fast changing with little transparency on how to set up and deal with regulations, logistics, marketing and promotion, distribution, consumer behavior and business cultures.


One-stop integrated Cross Border E-Commerce Partner

5iZ partners and collaborates with local teams and organisations to provide you a complete solution for setting up and managing your cross border e-commerce presence and sales in China. From market and brand research, online sales and shop operation to promotion and creative marketing campaigns, 5iZ can provide you customized concepts to adapt to your ambitions and will be a sparring partner for a better understanding and optimum performance in the Chinese e-commerce market.

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