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  • Gordon Dumoulin

小寒 Minor Cold... a time of herbal medicine health maintenance

Yesterday marked the beginning of 小寒 Minor Cold, the 23rd solar term (of total 24) in the Tiger Year and is the beginning along with the last and 24th term 大寒 Major Cold the coldest period of the lunar year before spring and a new year arrives on January 22, the year of the Rabbit

Minor Cold is also part of the 三九, Sanjiu or third nine-day period (the 19th to 27th day) after Winter Solstice, considered the coldest days of the year since ancient times. During the Sanjiu period, traditional Chinese Medicine provides herbal Sanjiu patches (三九貼) to improve immunity and assist in prevention or relief of cold-related lung and other ailments or allergies.

Sanjiu patches are the counterpart of “SanFu Tie (三伏貼) or "Moxa patches” in summer. The SanFu and the SanJiu days stand for the hottest period (SanFu) and the coldest period (SanJiu) of the year respectively. SanFu and SanJiu days are the most suitable time to improve your body metabolism and be prepared for change in seasons.

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