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  • Gordon Dumoulin

12 subway lines in 10 years... the city of the giant pandas

Chengdu, the city of giant pandas, spicy hot pots and leisure parks has built 12 subway lines with total more than 500km tracks in a decade.

Line 1 was opened in September 2010 and last month 4 new lines (or phases thereof) were opened, making Chengdu’s subway system a total of 12 lines (plus a light rail tram line of 40 km). Another 400km subway tracks are still under construction.

The ancient city of Chengdu (成都市), capital of Sichuan province, has been one of the major economic engines in China in recent years, together with neighbor Chongqing. The municipality with over 16 million people is a fast growing hi-tech hub with numerous dynamic and ambitious start-ups.

The blend of history, culture, cuisine, leisure, spectacular natural surroundings and a highly attractive business environment attracts many young people in China and from all over the world to starting a life in Chengdu.

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