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  • Gordon Dumoulin

200 million students 'back to school' in quarantine

200 million students 'back to school' | 7000 servers | national cloud learning platform | live streaming and online classes

This week, appr. 200 million children in China are 'back to school' ! 7000 servers and a national cloud learning platform with live streaming classes and education materials has been set up to let public school students ‘going back to school’, virtually and online from their homes.

Supported by these national facilities; teachers have set up online groups by class to schedule online sessions, inform parents and students on which materials to use and assignments to undertake, assist in questions and monitor homework.

Even the usual morning flag rising ceremony at many schools is part of the online schedules for many. The scale and speed of setting up and executing this online education platform is unparalleled. #china #education #coronavirus #2019ncov #covid2019 #onlineeducation #elearning Sources scmp, abacus, weibo

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