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  • Gordon Dumoulin

2021 'Autumn Tiger' has arrived...

While Sanfu 三伏 is almost coming to its end (August 19), China's hottest days of the year (dog days), autumn has already started last week on August 7. Lì qiū 立秋, the start of autumn is the 13th lunisolar term and is marked by the gravitational pull from the sun and the moon on rivers become aligned, increasing the force of tides during the course of autumn. Especially the strong tides on the Qiantang River in Zhejiang province are renowned with tourists during autumn time.

Autumn in China does not indicate the hot days are over, the 'Autumn Tiger' (similar to the Indian Summer) still roars on for another 30 days or so. But it is always amazing to feel the cooler mornings and evenings right from the start of autumn even though the afternoons can still be simmering hot.

And nature is also showing us this year very accurately that autumn has arrived 😊, picture yesterday morning taken in Tongzhou Canal Park of one Ginkgo tree leading the way into the beautiful colours of autumn.

Ginko trees resemble a long beautiful autumn from beautiful bright and fresh green-yellow colour variations in late August to a deep shining golden explosion of leaves in October.

Beijing autumn, a beautiful season...

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