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  • Gordon Dumoulin

24 hrs | 5000km | 8 cities | Chinese high speed train

5000 km in 24 hours by high speed train; Rickly and Richard Wong, two brothers from Hong Kong traveled 4967.8 km (3086.6 miles) within 24 hours by high speed train from Changsha to Hezhou in a journey that took them all round China.

Route :

Changsha-Nanchang (342 km east)

Nanchang-Jinhua (421 km east)

Jinhua-Shanghai (320 km north east)

Shanghai-JiNan (912 km north)

JiNan-Beijing (406 km north)

Beijing-Guangzhou (2,298 km south)

Guangzhou-Hezhou (261 km north west)

Their achievement had been recognized as greatest 24h distance by train during Guinness World Records Day on 14th of November, a global day of record-breaking which this year had the theme "Spirit of Adventure".

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