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25% of Chinese land under ecological conservation

More than 25% of Chinese land under ecological conservation for 95% protection of rare and endangered species and their habitats in China; the China Ecological Conservation Red Lines (ECRL) Initiative.

Hardly known outside China, the unprecedented ECRL Initiative comprises an area of almost the size of France, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Italy combined (2.4 million sq km) in process to be under rigorous ecological conservation management, expected to be fully completed next year.

Besides the protection of endangered species and habitats, the ECRL zones with strict boundaries as well provide significant wins for the prevention of floods or sandstorms, provision of clean water, carbon sequestration and other ecosystem improvements.

ECRL started in 2011 and most ECRL zones have been carefully selected on various environmental criteria. Most zones already been in place and operational with immense disruptions for people and industry.

The ECRL is part of an integrated land-use framework planning by the Chinese government including ecology, agriculture, urban areas, industry and infrastructure allocations.

Ambition, implementation, disruption to protect the environment.

Sources and pictures : naturedotcom, Chinadialogue

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