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  • Gordon Dumoulin

6 interesting facts from China’s Seventh National Population Census

6 interesting facts from China’s Seventh National Population Census released last week :

1) Population increased to 1.412 billion (1.339 billion in 2010). Demographers said the country’s population growth has slowed and is expected to decline in the next decade.

2) Urban population rose to 901.99 million, up from 665.57 million in 2010. With loosening internal migration policies, 124.84 million people traveled between provinces in 2020 for work or other, up 69.73% from 10 years ago.

3) Second children make up 50% of all newborns (2017 census while in 2013 it was 30%). The young population aged 0-14 has also increased by 30.92 million, a 1.35% rise compared to the census data of 2010.

4) 218 million people in China hold a college degree. The average years of schooling aged 15 and above increased from 9.08 years in 2010 to 9.91 years, while the illiteracy rate dropped from 4.08% to 2.67%.

5) Average age is 38.8 years, 3 years up from 2010. Projection is to reach 46 years by 2050. People aged 60 or over rose extremely from 5.44% in 2010 to 18.7%. 

6) Foreigners living in China rose from less than 600,000 in 2010 to almost 850,000. The number of foreigners in Beijing and Shanghai though have sharply declined while Fujian and Yunnan provinces witnessed the strongest increase.

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