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9 remarkable Chinese women in the spotlight of 2020 !

9 remarkable Chinese women who made impact in this unprecedented year of COVID-19.

1) Li Lanjuan, epidemiologist turning stereotypes of age and gender on its head in 2020. The 73-year-old expert in infectious diseases became one of the heroes in China’s fight against the coronavirus. The academician worked on the front line in Wuhan, saving lives and overseeing a scientific team in the fight against Covid-19 for 2 months.

2) Major General Chen Wei, virologist from the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Chen has been leading the fight for developing a coronavirus vaccine. She became a household name when she became the first person to participate in its clinical trial.

3) Li Xueqin, stand-up comedian, smart and savvy with online refreshing comedies amid the 2020 gloom, her famous punchline “Why are men so mediocre but still so confident?” rings the bell with millions.

4) Zhang Guimei, school principal and founder of the first publicly funded girls’ high school in China, she has devoted her life to educating girls who are most at risk of poverty and advocating for their rights.

5) Dianxi Xiaoge, vlogger on rural China lifestyle who surged online this year with millions of followers inside and outside of China.

6) Zhou Xiaoxuan, better known as Xuanzi, activist for #metoo going to court accusing Zhu Jun, a prominent television anchor, of forcibly kissing her in 2014.

7) Zhou Dongyu, best Actress award China’s 33rd Golden Rooster Awards in November, making her the youngest actress to receive all five of the most important Chinese-language awards, which also included the Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards. The 28-year-old has been commended for her touching performance in the film “Better Days” which depicts school bullying.

8) Fang Fang, writer from Wuhan City, famous for her online raw and critical diary during Wuhan’s lockdown which caused a stir between high praise and fierce criticism, read by millions.

9) Zhang Weili, Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, former migrant worker became an overnight celebrity in China after her thrilling title defense win in Las Vegas against Polish superstar Joanna Jedrzejczyk in UFC 248.

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Extract and pictures from Inkstone :

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