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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Adidas and Milk Tea... Pepsi and Traditional Chinese Medicine...

Adidas and Milk Tea, Pepsi and TCM. Western brands adapting to Chinese traditions and lifestyles...

Adidas announced the launch of a joint sneaker with the immensely popular Chinese milk tea brand Hey Tea. Pepsi’s Quaker Oatmeal launched two traditional Chinese medicine herbal cereals together with Pangaoshou, a TCM brand established in 1890 during the Qing Dynasty.

Cross-pollination of two famous brands in different market sectors has been popular in China lately, especially for Western brands with famous or trendy Chinese brands to widen consumer attraction and tapping into the sensitivity of being truly dedicated to Chinese consumers.

Hey Tea, founded in 2012 and operating over 265 stores in China is immensely popular with long lines waiting. The Adidas ZX shoe design has been based on the purplish HeyTea’s signature drink “Very Grape Cheezo” and even Hey Tea’s logo is on the shoe tongue instead of Adidas.

Quaker and Pangaoshou launched two TCM oatmeals; Hericium Erinaceus oatmeal and Ejiao oatmeal. Both traditional Chinese medicines have the effects of nourishing the stomach and replenishing iron respectively.

Pepsi also introduced an Osmanthus herbal cola this year, a TCM herb for detoxification, lung health, and dry skin.

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