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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Advancing from cashless to keyless in Chinese society

After getting rid of cash, it is now the time for the keys ! The purse and cash has already been out of many people's pockets in China, now paying by mobile or face recognition

Now the time to get the good old metal or newer plastic scan keys out of the pocket. In rapid speed face recognition entrance systems are being installed at residence compounds, residence buildings and public buildings such as schools or business centers.

This week the management of our residence installed face recognition systems at both the compound entrances as well as at each building. And with a fingerprint lock at our apartment door, I am lucky to still make some sense of my trouser pockets by the key of my good old electric bike :-)

But for how long until the new bikes will have fingerprint or even face scan unlock systems as well. It is not about the technology which is already available for some time but it is about the business application adoption, and society, citizens and governance acceptance and regulations.

What will be the next steps in this high-tech evolution ? For example we still have "the burden" of holding a smartphone in our hands or pockets. All dynamic matters and considerations of high-tech applications, convenience, access, security and privacy.

One thing is certain that people will be amazed by changes and developments in this field during coming years.

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