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Again viral after 11 years... transformations in a decade

11 years after this picture went viral on TV and media in China, the image made its way back big time this Chinese New Year on social and mainstream media.

The picture was taken on January 30, 2010 at #Nanchang railway station, capital of #Jiangxi province. The title 'Baby, Mom Take You Home' in media touched millions of people, showing a migrant working mom with her baby daughter going back for #ChineseNewYear to her village and family in the Daliang mountains in southern #Sichuan province.

At that time it took them about 36 hours on the train from Nanchang to #Chengdu (Sichuan' capital) and another 14 hours to her mountainous county.

Nowadays the high speed train between Nanchang and Chengdu takes 6 hours with another 6 hours to her home county.

Remember 2010...

#Highspeedtrains just started operation between a few major cities.

Along with huge transformations in society of #digitization and #infrastructure within a decade, and still going on. Actually probably it has just started.

But most importantly, 100's of millions of people have been taken out of #poverty since 2010.

The family was visited recently in her hometown, with stable income, living conditions and education. Read her complete story in link :

#china #chinesesociety #china2021

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