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  • Gordon Dumoulin

AI and Face Recognition meet 'Care, Shelter and Protection'

High-tech China for Stray Cats | AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven smart cat shelter for stray cats in Beijing. Wan Xi is engineer for high tech giant Baidu in Beijing. His other passion is taking care for stray cats in his Beijing neighborhood.

Last winter he decided to construct an AI driven smart cat shelter for stray cats who have a hard time surviving in the harsh cold Beijing winters.

The high-tech shelter is self-powered and maintains a 27°C temperature so the cats can stay warm. For safety of the stray cats; #facerecognition is used to open the small door for the stray cats of whom Wan Xi has registered 174 cats in the area. The system also controls how many cats can be sheltering as there is space for 5 or 6 cats.

The cats are as well scanned when entering the shelter to identify four common kinds of cat diseases, including stomatitis, skin disease, and external injuries. When a disease is noticed, a message is automatically sent to a nearby volunteer organization that looks after stray animals to come and provide the required health care.

Wan Xi and his wife daily provide food and water in the shelter but who knows this can be automated as well in the near future with customized diets to the different shelter cats 😊.

Watch this full great, heart-warming movie below or a shorter version at

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