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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Alibaba, world's 5th largest economy by 2036, a game changer?

New cross bordering developing economies blurring, disrupting and challenging the traditional economic framework and its borders. 2020 is marked with high-tech decoupling, economic border protection and fear-mongering policies between major traditional economies around the world.

The levels and extremism of inward protections keeping status quo and outward status quo judgements to other nations might lay in to which extent traditional economies are being prepared for a new future.

One provocation is the fast rise of new cross bordering economies cutting through borders. Alibaba is a great example, Jack Ma stated in 2017 the ambition to be the 5th largest #economy by 2036 with 2 billion ‘inhabitants’, 10 mio profitable enterprises and 100 mio jobs.

While some might claim that #alibaba is still a business, will new economic ecosystems be better equipped tackling environmental disaster or social inequalities ? Be the drivers of the necessary changes and responsibilities in front of us ? And how will different traditional economies react, adapt and fit in ? As they seem to be failing miserably in global collaboration...

How will performance of economies be measured and judged in 2036 ?

Food for thoughts...


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