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  • Gordon Dumoulin

An 'intimate' community May Day Holiday in 'light' lock down...

Whether people agree or don't agree with which COVID measures or policies adopted or not adopted, and for whatever motives, the most important is that people manage their living environment together.

We have been in a 'light' residence compound lock down for 9 days now in Tongzhou district, Beijing during May Day Holiday. 'Light' meaning; people can wander around outside at any time, kids can play in the compound greens but we cannot exit the compound.

It has not been a tough period up till now, certainly not comparable to strict lock downs in other parts of China where people have been confined to inside their homes for weeks.

Despite the lock down, it has been very positive to see the organisation and many rotating resident volunteers making sure that the about 8,000-10,000 people are taken care of.

A mobile truck shop is appearing every morning loaded with vegetables, fruits and meats for contact-less shopping, courier deliveries have been set up with a personal call when a parcel has arrived for contact-less collection.

The almost daily testing sites have been managed with resident volunteers informing everyone beforehand for their testing times.

And last but not least to see the general positive spirit and resilience of the residents in the compound. Community spirit.

Naturally we cannot wait to leave the compound for a stroll in the adjacent Canal park, a visit to our organic village garden or a drive to the city center but the people's spirit and resilience is rewarding and peaceful. And we took the opportunity to clean out our home during the May Day holidays :-)

Our thoughts are with those in strict home lock downs.

#lockdown #beijing #tongzhou #COVID19

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