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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Ancient traditional Chinese medicines in trendy coffee shops....

Ancient traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) giant entering the trendy coffee chain market. Tong Ren Tang (TRT, 同仁堂), founded 1669 in Beijing is a household name in every Chinese family.

This year, TRT has made a bold move by entering the coffee chain market. Under brand name ZhiMa Health (知嘛健康), it has opened a few shops in Beijing and aims at opening 300 regular outlets during coming year. It is not just a regular coffee chain, the concept is combining elements of TCM with today's trendy ambiance (coffee, milk tea) and their offerings.

ZhiMa Health is offering healthy drinks and foods with TCM characteristics such as goji (Chinese wolfberry), monk fruit or motherwort rose lattes, sour plum soup and herbal pastries. Along with health products to bring home.

The shops include temporary offerings for each of the 24 annual solar terms in the Chinese calendar. Each solar term requires different medicinal herbal formulations to maintain health and prepare for upcoming seasons.

Along, huge luxury ZhiMa flagship stores are being opened in tier 1 cities for traditional healthy lifestyle dining, lectures or consulting.

A welcoming move in bringing natural health, ancient wisdom and trendy ambiance together.

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