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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Another touching Chinese New Year short film by Apple

Apple has made a tradition since recent years to launch a short movie before Chinese New Year, made by famous directors and shot on iPhone.

The high-tech multinational just released their new 2021 'Year of the Ox' Lunar New Year film last weekend, directed by Lulu Wang and created by the team behind the Golden Globe nominated film, The Farewell.

Apple Chinese New Year 2021 short film | Nian

This year’s movie 'Nian' is about a contemporary reimaging of a traditional Chinese New Year legend ‘Nian’ monster (年兽). This beast is believed to come to villages mid-winter looking for food and is scared away by red colours and loud noise. Hence the red lanterns and poems on houses and loud firecrackers in the streets.

The picture includes the positive message of overcoming fear by curiosity and courage from which many of us can learn, especially in these times.

Last year’s short Apple film ‘Daughter’ was widely appraised; a real-life story about three generations of Chinese women from one family coming together at Chinese New Year, exposing their lives with generation gaps.

Watch last year’s Apple short film 'Daughter' here.

Apple Chinese New Year 2020 short film | Daughter

Or read more about the sensitive process of foreign brands adjusting and localizing their brand marketing to the Chinese market, especially during Chinese new Year in this 5iZ post from last year :

Nike and Apple touching the right Chinese culture strings this Lunar New Year

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