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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Beijing COVID free for 40 days now...

Beijing municipality has been coronavirus free for more than 40 days now.

Mandatory wearing of face masks in open-air outside has already been abolished since many months now (actually only was mandatory in the first few months early 2020 after the first outbreak in China). Most indoor public service and commercial buildings still require face masks upon entrance.

Tracking and tracing measures (online location and health apps, and temperature checks) along with wearing face masks are still in place in the far majority of indoor public service and retail environments. The far majority of people also continues to wear face masks in the streets.

This situation is similar all over China and in case local infection cases flare up somewhere as last January in Shijiazhuang (Hebei province), the immediate environment and local residents are secluded, people having been there will be traced as well and people will be subject to immediate testing and quarantine measures.

The number of daily COVID19 cases in China can be often counted on one or two hands in recent weeks, all imported which have slipped through the very strict entrance regulations. These cases are all detected and isolated during the mandatory 14+7 quarantine period upon entering China.

According government data, about 80 million people have been vaccinated up till now.

Pictures taken in Beijing March 24, 2021

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