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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Beijing’s car trunk economy....

“Beijing’s car trunk economy” | While many regions in China are stimulating the street vendor economy to get life back on the rail for many people, Beijing has forbidden open-air vendors along the streets.

This has not stopped some people living in Beijing trying to make some necessary income... the car trunk economy.

You can see sometimes cars along the streets or in parking places with their trunks open selling mostly fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits or eggs. These people are often small-scale farmers from neighboring rural areas who have difficulties selling their agricultural produce these days as many rural markets are closed and supply chains disrupted. Also urban people are driving to these farmers, buying a ‘wholesale’ full trunk load and resell in the urban districts.

Officially forbidden so this car trunk concept enables people to instantly wrap up their ‘shop’ by closing their car trunk when police would appear.

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