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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Beijing Winter Olympics in less than a year...

(Feb. 4-20, 2022). Beijing is for the most part prepared and ready for welcoming athletes from all over the world for the Winter Olympic Games February 4-20, 2022.

Several venues of the 2008 Summer Olympics have been transformed into winter mode;

The ‘Water Cube’ (National Aquatics center) has become the ‘Ice Cube’ for curling.

The ‘Fan’ (National Indoor Stadium) for among others gymnastics during the 2008 Olympics will be one of the ice hockey venues.

The ‘Bird’s Nest’ (Beijing National Stadium) is venue for the opening and closing ceremonies just as in 2008.

New Beijing venues are the Ice ribbon (National Speed Skating Oval) and the Big Air in Shougang Park for snowboarding and freestyle skiing. Shougang park is an old industrial zone transformed into a trendy modern cultural and recreational center.

In the Yangqing and Zhangjiakou (Chongli county) Olympic clusters, about 90km and 220km North from Beijing, Olympic villages and venues have been prepared for the outdoor winter Olympic disciplines.

High speed train connections take care for smooth and fast connections.

Let’s hope China and the world will be Covid-proof in a year to have this wonderful and inclusive event for humanity.

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