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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Beijing Winter Wonderland and Lamb Scorpions

Beautiful winter wonderland last Monday in Beijing.

What better for lunch this cold day than one of Beijing's favorite winter foods; Lamb Spine Pot with boiled Ginger Coke :-). Commonly called 羊蝎子 (Yang Xiezi) or 'lamb scorpions' in China as the bones resemble a scorpion shape, the meat is cooked for hours in secret broth recipes of herbs and spices until it literally falls off the bones.

The marrow inside the bones are a special delicacy with numerous health benefits.

After finishing the meat; green vegetables, mushrooms or tofu are boiled in the delicious and intense broth.

The hot Ginger Coke (cola) is another China winter favorite. Coke is boiled with ginger to give a spicy and sweet taste, and the hot drink fills your body with warmness.

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