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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Blockbuster sentiments with Chinese Characteristics

Last weekend I saw the science-fiction movie ‘the Wandering Earth’, adapted from a novel by Liu Cixin, author of the popular sci-fi trilogy ‘The Three-Body Problem’.

Directed by 郭帆 (Guo Fan) and co-produced by Alibaba Pictures, the film has received positive ratings worldwide since its release early this month. Although only released in China, apart from a few selected theaters in the US, Australia and Europe, the film is the highest-grossing movie in 2019 up till today, grossing over USD 700 million since its release on February 5th.

Netflix has already acquired the rights to stream the movie worldwide outside of China in 2019.

A grand blockbuster with global sentiments and spectacular filming but definitely with Chinese cultural characteristics and social values incorporated, remarkably different from a typical Hollywood movie.

Although not being an enthusiastic science-fiction movie fan, the film caught me by the typical characteristics in communication, vision and values incorporated in the global blockbuster concept.

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