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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Brand sensitivity in China | Creepy family pictures

Brand sensitivity in China | It is all about this delicate and emotional fine line between triggering Chinese consumers to stand out and be seen as a brand and on the other hand keeping the fast changing Chinese consumer minds comfortable, be understood and respected.

Another brand, Burberry was ‘slashed’ last week on Chinese social media last week for its latest promotion campaign “Burberry Modern New Year (摩登新禧)” dressing up for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). It seems that Burberry is handling the ‘slash’ more swiftly and smoothly in comparison with the disaster of Dolce & Gabbana's last November whose co-founder Stefano Gaggana posted racist comments on this personal Instagram account about Chinese consumers after a consumer uproar on their campaign in Chinese social media.

The ‘creepy’ Burberry family pictures tribute to Chinese New Year were perceived as scary Asian horror movies, giving goosebumps, or a family who plan to kill this ultra-rich grandma and keenly fight over her inheritance.

The lives and minds of Chinese consumers are changing at light speed in their own direction, certainly not in a direction of western minds; new styles, technologies, and hypes are constantly entering the Chinese society. On the other hand Chinese people strongly hold onto traditions and ancient norms and values, especially towards family and festivities. Chinese consumers are living in different worlds simultaneously, and doing so with conscience and confidence.

A fragile and different juggle for foreign (and local) brands to be seen and successful with Chinese consumers.

Source : jingdaily

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