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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Buddha Trump a “yuge” online hit in “CHINA” !

Though not so huge 😊 but pictures of these Buddha Trump statues have been popping here and there on Chinese social media in recent months.

Trump has naturally also been a discussion among Chinese people but unlike in Western nations, it has not just been an outrageous cry of relief Trump being gone from the White House.

Cross-cultural perspectives of personality considerations.

Although Trump (we are not talking about his horrendous cabinet but as an individual) had been smashing windows, floors and ceilings but some Chinese people might still trust him more as an individually outspoken personality with his heart on his sleeve compared to the more so-called ‘charming’ President Biden (who by the way together with his cabinet seem to be very well and conveniently taken over and intensifying the initiated #sinophobia propaganda by Trump’s cabinet).

Artist Hong Jinshi from Xiamen has been making these sculptures of Buddha Trump since early this year as a parody of character contradiction :-)

The sculptures are sold online in different sizes (16-46 cm) with the slogan “Make your company great again”

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