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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Changing your eye to what really matters in life….

How 2 months of empty outdoors and voluntarily staying at home most of the time is changing your eye and focus to what really matters in life….

Caught this moment on camera today early morning at the market in Tongzhou district, Beijing. The elderly couple made me humble, instantly made my day and inspired even much more all in just a glance of a moment.

Beijing is very slowly and carefully getting alive again while new bubbles of epidemic horrors are popping up everywhere.

Wherever you are, be resilient and solidary in voluntary or mandatory confinement. Make optimal use of this special time together with family or loved ones at home, time for thoughts, new ideas, learnings and things you never came about. Also save some thoughts of gratitude for all 10,000’s of people out there, risking their own lives to fight the outbreak and saving lives.

Truly a pause-and-reflect button....

#selfreflection #consciousness #gratitude #humanity #solidarity #resilience #responsibility #fragility #weareinthistogether #covid19 #coronavirus

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