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  • Gordon Dumoulin

China following Norway in 100% Green Transportation

100% clean and green energy (NEV; New Energy Vehicles) mobility in Hainan province by 2030 | The tropical island of Hainan in Southern China has become the first Chinese province to commit to a total ban on fossil-fueled public and private vehicles, vowing to completely outlaw them by 2030.

New public service vehicles will run on clean energy by 2020 while most vehicles used for tourism, sanitation, and mass transit go green by 2025. An extensive network of vehicle-charging stations to be be constructed across the island during the next years will support the ban of private fossil-fueled cars by 2030.

If you would imagine that a ‘small’ tropical island is an easy testing ground, Hainan is larger than Belgium in size and has a local population of approximately 10 million people (with 10’s of millions tourists visiting annually). Hainan is gaining reputation as one of China’s most progressive environmental provinces as it committed last month to a ban on all single-use nonbiodegradable plastics by 2025.

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Source : sixthtone, globaltimes

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