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  • Gordon Dumoulin

China's direction for the next 5 years....

China's focus for the next 5 years | Highlights from the 14th Five Year Plan (FYP) 2021-2025 drafted by the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Central Committee last week in Beijing. - Progressing to self-reliance in technology as a key factor in managing the fast-changing international environments. - Dual circulation; strengthening domestic circular economy to cut dependence on export markets. - No specific target number for GDP growth; realize sustained and healthy economic development. - Prioritize rural vitalization; development agriculture and rural areas. - Green transformation; advancing the ecological civilization. - Improving the quality and efficiency of national administrative systems and governance. - Modernization national defense and armed forces. - Maintain prosperity and stability for SAR's Hong Kong and Macau, promote peaceful developments of relations across the Taiwan strait and national reunification.

Along with the FYP, a long term vision for 2035 was laid out as well with leadership in innovation, modernized economy, GDP per capita at level of moderately developed countries, eco-friendly and sustainable ways of life, strengthening international cooperation and multilaterism being the key takeaways. #china #chineseeconomy #chinesesociety

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