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  • Gordon Dumoulin

China's education: transformation of competition, equality and creativity

Dynamic transformation of balancing competition, equality and creativity in China’s education.

The Chinese education system is known for its sometimes cut-throat competitive environment. Getting kids in the best primary and high schools and passing the Gaokao (高考), China’s national entrance exam for universities are nerving moments for many parents to say the least with years of preparation.

During the Two Sessions last March in Beijing (annual political meeting), education was top priority on the agenda. The education ministry and five other government agencies introduced the “compulsory education quality evaluation guidebook,” for primary and middle schools, including new and existing rules to foster more equality between students, less focus on academic performance, and less competition. Stimulate creativity and less pressure for children.

Moreover the government launched a program for checking private education centers (after school/weekend) on qualifications and methodologies.

The drastic government plans have stirred social media with many parents welcoming the plans, although also some criticism from parents who fear that their children will not develop to their capability. Education has been one of the core elements in Chinese society since ancient civilization, highly regarded and paid attention for.

It is too easy to simplify or condemn the current state of competitiveness or pressure, education is just as the whole Chinese society a moving organism in constant strive for balance and improvement.

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