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  • Gordon Dumoulin

China’s mark of the new Spring in full bloom, Plum Blossom

Chinese or Lunar New Year is called Spring Festival in China as it marks the beginning of spring according the lunar calendar.

Even though it was still bitter cold during Spring festival two weeks ago, the first spring blossom already bloomed during the festival. The plum blossom is the first blossom of the lunar new year and has played a significant role in the culture, art and peoples’ lives in China since ancient time.

One of the most famous plum blossom sights in China is the Plum garden at the East lake in Wuhan, capital of China’s central Hubei province. The garden has its own plum blossom festival with millions of visitors every year in late February and early March.

Unique artwork by Chinese artist 邱节 Qiu Jie (born in Shanghai, 1961) ; “Snow and Plum Blossom” (2007)

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