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  • Gordon Dumoulin

China's pristine hiking paradise...

Nujiang Prefecture (怒江州, full name Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture) in the North-West corner of Yunnan province is a long valley with the Nujiang river and considered one of the most biodiverse regions of China. Sharing about 450km border with Myanmar (Gaoligong Mountains), the prefecture is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s Three Parallel Rivers Park.

The area is bursting with snow capped peaks, crystal clear rivers and rare wildlife such as red pandas, musk deer and Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys. The valley is home to several ethnic groups, including Lisu, Nu, and Tibetan communities. Not easily reached, a 12-hour bus ride from Kunming or 6 hours from Dali with itself being a huge area larger than Montenegro, the remote valley is a pristine paradise for hiking and nature lovers.


pictures from wildchina ( and gokunming (

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