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  • Gordon Dumoulin

China through the eyes of hard rock and love ballads

Widen your perspective of China through the diversity of modern Chinese music genres from the past decades. Few people outside China realize that Chinese society witnessed a similar bustling outburst as in Western societies for new music genres since the 1980’s with among others hard-rock, love and rock ballads, heavy metal and boys bands. A great chance to dive into the era of modern Chinese music is a KTV evening with Chinese colleagues or friends and let yourself be amazed by the Chinese road of music since a few decades. Even you would not understand Chinese, you will surely recognize a couple of popular genres and be moved by others more unknown.

See here a video clip from the song Shameful (無地自容), released in 1991 by the immensely popular rock band Black Panthers (黑豹 Hēi Bào, founded 1987), pioneers for rock music in China. A great clip with scenes in the streets of Beijing. Which Western rock band would come in mind ? Other classic band names who have been setting tones are Beyond (1983), 天堂乐队 (Heaven, 1992), 唐朝乐队 (Tang Dynasty, 1988) or 羽·泉 (Yu Quan, 1998). Reflect your perception of Chinese society through its recent history of modern music.

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