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  • Gordon Dumoulin

China week in pictures | August 21-27, 2021

A weekly picture selection of other news, events or sights in China...

๐Ÿญ. August 21 โ€“ The Universal Beijing Resort which includes Universal Studios theme park, Universal Citywalk and two hotels is performing their final operation and stress tests these weeks. The resort in Tongzhou district at the east of #Beijing has scheduled to start opening (with limited visitors) on September 1. It is the third Universal Studios park in Asia, after Singapore and Tokyo.

๐Ÿฎ. August 25 โ€“ First snowfall this year at the Dagu Glacier Scenic area in Heishui County, #Sichuan province. Galitai in Songpan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan also saw its first snowfall.

๐Ÿฏ. August 24 โ€“ Middle school in Bozhou City, #Anhui province is being disinfected before the school will start again next week on September 1st.

๐Ÿฐ. August 22 โ€“ Zhengzhou, capital of #Henan province launched a level II flood control emergency response in preparation for an upcoming rainstorm with many citizens parking their cars on the city's elevated roads to prevent the vehicles from being flooded. Last month Zhengzhou and Henan province already experienced disastrous floods.

๐Ÿฑ. August 27 โ€“ A Chinese translation of the book โ€œA History of Veniceโ€ (1982) by British historian and travel writer John Julius Norwich has been published by Yilin Press. 800 pages telling the story of the city's past, starting from its founding in the 5th century and ending when the doge Bucentaur was sacked by Napoleon Bonaparte ending the city's 300-year-old independence in 1797.

๐Ÿฒ. August 21 โ€“ A farmer is harvesting grass on the Barkol grassland in #Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region as winter food for their livestock.

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Picture courtesy : various news sites or own photography

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