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China week in pictures | March 27-April 2, 2021

A weekly picture selection of other news, events or sights in China...

๐Ÿญ. March 27 โ€“ A model presents a creation by Chinese designer Chu Yan during China Fashion Week in Beijing this week.

๐Ÿฎ. April 1 โ€“ A woman registers for COVID-19 vaccination at the Jingcheng Hospital in Ruili city in southwestern China's Yunnan Province. The Chinese border city hit by a local outbreak of COVID-19 earlier will vaccinate their entire 300,000 population in 5 days.

๐Ÿฏ. March 29 โ€“ Teachers display their chalk writing during a teaching skills competition at Tianjin Road Primary School in Huai'an, Jiangsu province.

๐Ÿฐ. April 1 โ€“ Xiongan Railway Station of the Beijing-Xiongan intercity railway in Xiongan New Area, Hebei Province. The Xiongan new area โ€˜future cityโ€™ is in the midst of their large-scale development and construction, with more than 100,000 constructors working on over 120 major projects in the area.

๐Ÿฑ. March 30 โ€“ A night view of worldโ€™s largest five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope in Guizhou province.

๐Ÿฒ. March 30 โ€“ Aerial photo showing a view of Qinghai Lake in Northwest China's Qinghai province. The frozen lake has started to thaw as the temperature rises in spring..

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Picture courtesy : various news sites or own photography

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