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China week in pictures | May 22-28, 2021

A weekly picture selection of other news, events or sights in China...

𝟭. May 24 – Schoolchildren resume school classes at a temporary shelter in Madoi County, Qinghai province 2 days after a magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit the county on May 22.

𝟮. May 26 – COVID 19 nucleic acid testing for 540,000 residents of Liwan District in Guangzhou within 2 days on May 26 and 27 after 4 new infections were reported in the district earlier this week.

𝟯. May 26 – The "super moon" rises above Daqing city, Northeast China's #Heilongjiang province.

𝟰. May 22 – National Science and Technology Week, visitors trying astronaut suits in museum in Nanjing, Jiangsu province.

𝟱. May 22 – Renowned agronomist Yuan Longping dies at the age of 91. 1,000’s of people lining up at the funeral parlor in Changsha, Hunan province paying their last respect.

𝟲. May 26 – Medical workers bid farewell to deceased China's top hepatobiliary surgeon Wu Mengchao at the Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital in Shanghai. Wu Mengchao is renowned for having developed a unique system of liver surgery. He passed away last Saturday at the age of 99.

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Picture courtesy : various news sites or own photography

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