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  • Gordon Dumoulin

China week in pictures | October 16-22, 2021

A weekly picture selection of other news, events or sights in China...

𝟭. October 16 - Performers put on a show in Wuzhen, the ancient water town in #Zhejiang province during the 8th Wuzhen Theater Festival. The festival, with this year's theme ‘Burgeoning’ includes theater shows, cross-talks and an outdoor carnival, it will last until October 24.

𝟮. October 18 – University students take part in a Mongolian wrestling competition in #Hohhot, #InnerMongolia autonomous region. The three-day event, organized by regional education and sports authorities, involved 278 contestants of both sexes from middle school to university.

𝟯. October 18 – A traditional Chinese medicine pharmacist introduces dried tokay gecko, which is used as a TCM ingredient, to kindergarten children in Dongying, #Shandong province. The activity was organized for World Traditional Medicine Day on October 22.

𝟰. October 18 – First serious snowfall in #Changchun city, #Jilin province. The North-East of China has witnessed early snowfalls in many places this year.

𝟱. October 16 – China launches the crewed spaceship Shenzhou XIII, sending three astronauts to its space station core module Tianhe on a six-month mission.

𝟲. October 19 – 2021 Apsara Conference, one of the world's biggest high-tech events, kicked off in #Hangzhou, #Zhejiang province with the theme "Invent, Explore and Inspire". The four-day event features latest innovations on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, holographic imaging, space mining, bionic robots, virtual reality and augmented reality.

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Picture courtesy : various news sites or own photography

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