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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Chinese fintech plants 122 million trees in 3 years....

High-tech carbon footprint app plants 120 million trees in 3 years. Awarded last year as Champions of the Earth by the UN Environment Program, Ant Forest (launched in 2016) by Ant Financial (Alipay, Alibaba) is a high-tech app encouraging green lifestyle. Users can collect “green credit” by carbon emission saving actions (e.g. walking, public transport, online payments/actions). With accumulated credits, Ant Forest will plant a real tree. 500 million users in China have so far triggered 122 million trees being planted. Ant Forest also supports innovative, sustainable business models to people living in conservation areas.

China is the major global boost for greening the earth today. In the first 6 months of 2020, about 1.69 billion trees were planted at 44,000km2 (about the size of Denmark). This is not a recent development, 66 billion trees have quietly been planted since 1978.

Most people have heard about the Chinese Great Wall but few have heard about the Green Great Wall. Officially called the Three-North Shelter Forest Program (三北防护林) is a series of human-planted windbreaking forest strips in China with the objective to reach 100 billion trees by 2050.

See more about Ant Forest and its planters in following videos ;

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