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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Chinese people switching to 'cocoon' mode....

Cocooning…. even though the #coronavirusoutbreak numbers in China are showing promising curbs; vigilant measures remain unabated in force with 100’s of millions of people staying at home, especially with children. A close friend of mine here in Beijing told me an accurate expression of what the people in China have grown into these days; we are cocooning !

Cocooning = ‘envelop in a comforting way in a secluded environment, dealing with stress and pressure in a resilient and protective manner’ While the voluntary confinement has been going on since the end of January, it has not been a stable process. Confinement at home has been a huge adaptation for many people to be close to each other 24/7 and you can imagine it brings out various emotions as many are not used to this life pattern as well as by the enormous economic pressures.

However looking at friends and people in our protected micro-environments (neighbors, residence compounds), it feels like many have found the right 'cocoon' mode together during the past weeks in confinement. See this wonderful picture of a couple in pajamas at their residential compound picking up online deliveries at the entrance station in Shanghai, March 4, 2020. Posted on Sixth Tone, Zhu Weihui #cocooning #2019ncov #covid2019 #gowuhan

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