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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Chinese social media and e-commerce at crossroads

Even though the social media and e-commerce landscapes are continuously evolving and changing; the domination of major players such as Wechat, Weibo, T-mall or JD do not seem to be seriously threatened up till now.

However new social media and e-commerce players are slowly coming in exclusively targeting specific niche segments where people feel more comfortable, engaged, trustful and identified. It seems to be the start of a turning point in which direction the social media and e-commerce landscape in China is heading; more niche segment apps which will bite more and more small chunks from the big player apples.

Some of these new app players are "CHAO"; billing as the "little red book for men only", recommending and reviewing masculine products and social interests, "MARS"; the travel lifestyle app for the young, fashionables and forward-thinkers, or "KEEP"; tapping into the world of wellness and fitness products, services and experiences with 77% of their 100 million users being Millenial and Generation Z (younger than 35 years).

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