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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Christmas apples

Apples for Christmas | Christmas is getting more and more popular in China, Christmas decorations everywhere and especially by young people, but hardly any of its Western traditions remain. It is more like a Valentine’s Day without flowers and chocolates…. but with Christmas apples 😊

One typical tradition on Christmas eve is giving apples to your loved ones. Christmas eve translates in Chinese to Ping’anye (平安夜), a peaceful evening. The Chinese word for apple is Pingguo (苹果) which also sounds like the Chinese word for peace. During recent years, the tradition has become to give ‘Christmas eve apples’ (ping’anguo平安果, literally ‘peace apples’) on Christmas eve.

Usually wrapped in boxes or colorful paper and decorated with cartoons, ribbons or even Christmas messages printed on their skin, Christmas apples appear in the markets, fruit shops and supermarkets around Christmas time.

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