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Christmas in China, the 'feel good' decorative festival

Christmas in China, the 'feel good' decorative festival for shopping and dining. People would not associate China with Christmas but when you walk around in shopping malls or private education centers, it is full of Christmas decorations at many places. At my son's public school, they are practicing Jingle Bells in music class and big cities have their share of Christmas markets.

It is not a family celebration as in the West, this is reserved for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). It is also not seen as a religious celebration but Christmas has gained popularity over the years as a wonderful festival, similar to Valentine's Day.

I have been Santa Claus' aide numerous occasions at private and public schools in China over the years, naturally also in our own education center. I was even invited once as Santa Claus during autumn to talk about typical Western celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

Christmas in China, definitely different but with an own unique touch.

Do you know why Chinese people give apples to each during Christmas ?

And you can get your Christmas bargains now for Chinese New Year presents, such as for example traditional red undergarments for the 'Oxen' in your family.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones !

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One typical tradition on Christmas eve is giving apples to your loved ones. Christmas eve translates in Chinese to Ping’anye (平安夜), a peaceful evening. The Chinese word for apple is Pingguo (苹果) which also sounds like the Chinese word for peace. During recent years, the tradition has become to give ‘Christmas eve apples’ (ping’anguo平安果, literally ‘peace apples’) on Christmas eve.

Buy your loved ones who are Chinese zodiac Ox red undergarment for upcoming Chinese New Year. You might think that your Chinese zodiac year will be a good one. But on the contrary, traditional belief is that your zodiac year (benmingnian) will have bad luck and difficulties. To protect from any misfortunes during your year, it is traditionally believed that it helps to wear the color red, being the lucky and strong color. You cannot buy red clothes or accessories for yourself but it should be given by friends or family. Common items are red underwear, socks or waist and wrist bands, decorated with jade or gold which, also strong powers to conquer evil.

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