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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Comfort and confidence in tracking, tracing, testing and containment....

Today in the Beijing's Children hospital from the Capital Medical University as our little boy had some skin allergy. It is a safe feeling and comforting to see the digital registration procedures for entrance, both individually and also additionally as a group when you enter with more people together. Beijing has been practically COVID free for few months now but registration procedures are still meticulously in place in most public and office places.

Any new outbreak which is certainly possible can be contained by an immediate emergency plan of tracking, tracing and testing through this consistent registration policy. We have seen this immediate plan of action for containment happened in a few minor outbreaks in recent months in China.

It is not about better or worse, I just truly hope that as people we all can be soon free of COVID or actually have consistent procedures in place along with people's solidarity, responsibility and care for each other. Because we can expect outbreaks anywhere bound to happen for quite some time to come.

Blessings for those who are (again) heavily hit by outbreaks with most of all support and respect for the medical workers anywhere fighting for the lives of those infected.

#covid19 #goworld #beijing #china

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