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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Different China, Double salt cured egg yolk ice cream bar, the Chinese consumer summer hype 2019

While China is simmering in summerheat, the newest hype on Chinese social media is for people showing how to eat double salt cured egg yolk ice cream (wechat app : pictures, douyin app : short videos) and discussing (or disgusting haha) its taste.

We tasted the ice cream last night and as a cheese and Chinese “stinky” fermented tofu lover, I could well adjust and appreciate the ice cream flavor.

Several ice cream brands in China have quickly picked up the hype. A great social media consumer hype combining traditions with an innovative twist, especially with the typical strong flavour delivering lots of personal opinions :-)

Salt cured egg yolks, usually from duck eggs have a long history in the Chinese cuisine, with famous and classic dishes like “steamed pork with salted eggs”, “three-yolk steamed egg” and especially the Mid-Autumn mooncakes. Salt cured eggs are commonly used as ingredient to season porridge, seafood or tofu dishes.

A unique example to learn for Chinese consumer marketing and product innovation; the delicate blend of traditions, innovation, involvement and compassion.

Salted egg yolks as a delicacy ingredient also seem to conquer haute cuisine in other countries lately; even up to the Michelin Guide world or calling it “Asia’s answer to Parmesan”; read following articles for more insights;

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