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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Different Wuhan | World's Smart City for Future Mobility

Different Wuhan ; world’s smart city for driverless cars and hyperloop trains at 1000km/h.

As Wuhan is suddenly worldwide known for the COVID-2019 source outbreak, this huge metropolis has been hardly familiar with people outside China. As a major center for automotive industries and high-tech, Wuhan is the testing ground for future smart mobility and new high speed technologies.

Wuhan traffic authorities issued the world's first commercial licenses last September to companies for trials of driverless vehicles in open road conditions. The companies - including Baidu Inc, Haylion Technologies and DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co - received licenses from the Wuhan traffic authority and will be able to conduct public driverless vehicle trials in a designated area.

The area is a demonstration zone set up by the city for the testing of internet-connected cars based on the vehicle-to-everything concept powered by 5G wireless technology and #artificalintelligence , attracting more than 40 domestic and foreign automakers to set up operations to test their buses, taxis, logistics trucks and sanitation vehicles.

Moreover, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC), one of China's major space contractors, announced two years ago that it has launched R&D of a hyperloop train system to be set up in the Wuhan metropolitan region, reaching 1000 km/h as a first stage before the ambition of going national and continental with speeds up to 4000km/h.

While the virus outbreak might delay some time frames, it can be expected that Wuhan as world’s smart mobility city will be come back stronger than before and people all over the world will know it.

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