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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Discovering today's world :-) What will his world be like in a few decades ??

Discovering the world of today :-)…. What will his world look like in a few decades ?? Born last October, our boy has spent about 50% of his young life in voluntary confinement here in #beijing, certainly not a sad or pity notice, he seems to love life at home from all smiles he is rewarding us :-). His first month was close to his mom during the Zuo Yuezi (坐月子, “Sitting the month”); a traditional but very alive postpartum confinement in #china. Read more in my post about Zuo Yuezi ;

Followed by a festive time of Christmas and Lunar New Year, the second voluntary confinement was knocking the door soon after; the #coronavirus We are truly blessed to have this intense confinement with him at home.

Some weekend food for thoughts; The epidemic should be seen as a test for the future which would proof (or miserably fail) that humanity is able to pro-actively and collectively tackle immense global threats for future generations such as environmental degradation, poverty or other disasters to (or by) humanity. Are people and governments willing to undertake enormous efforts to sacrifice and drastically change themselves for a #sustainablefuture for our children with mutual support and encouragement in respectful co-existence ?

Two examples;

A true curb of the current ongoing environmental degradation requires drastic change and sacrifice instead of more complicated policies and failed conventions. Human sacrifices all over the world are needed, for example a ‘quarantine-like’ sacrafice period of time for industry and economy to transform towards sustainable, circular economy or zero footprint policies and requirements. Let us leave our rental home called earth in respectful shape for the next generations to come.

The urgent need for coordination and peaceful, global development of the 4th Industrial Revolution; this requires enormous internal changes, self-reflection and efforts on cross-cultural, social and governance intelligence by people and governments all over the world to come together on common grounds and clear agreements through global organisations such as WHO or UN who require transformation and self-reflection as well. Nowadays it is a battle for dominance of technology and eco-systems, going on the old rat race as we were all used to in a post virus era means more decoupling, more technology and trade wars (or worse) with actual risk increases of severe confrontations between societies, governments and races.

#humanity #environment #geopolitics

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