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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Diving into Chinese TV soaps during lockdown....

What kept millions of Chinese people busy on TV while in voluntary or mandatory solitude during the past 2 months ?

The TV series “I Will Find You a Better Home” (安家) clustered daily peaks of 300 million people to their TV’s or smartphones. Exclusively by Shanghai Dragon Television, Beijing BTV and Tencent Video with the final broadcasted last week and a total of more than 4 billion online views.

The series is about the lives of people working at a real estate agency with naturally spicy ingredients which make soap series so popular. Maybe a suggestion for people in other places in the world who are as well confined to their homes; how about diving into modern Chinese TV dramas during this special time ?

A great way to get some more feeling and twists about daily life, humor, priorities and worries by people and families in Chinese society, sprinkled with some soapy spices though :-)

I did not see this series on Netflix but found a link on Youtube with all episodes (English subtitles) :

On Netflix there are also some great other Chinese TV series to watch, read more about them in this article by Radii China :

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