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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Everything is ready except the east wind.....

万事俱备,只欠东风 (Everything is ready except the east wind), a quote from the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" (三国演义), a 14th-century historical novel attributed to Luo Guanzhong (羅貫中). It means roughly everything is ready except what is crucial.

Inspired by "Pause for Inner Research on Racism” by Dr. Po Li Tan (2), fortunately most people on this planet are rejecting racism with de-emphasizing cultural differences, minimization stage in Intercultural Development Continuum or IDC (3). At today’s crossroads of racism, cultural and geopolitical perspectives, we see judgements of the past and people showing tolerance for equality in humanity. Even though with positive intentions, the danger is however that people are ‘too comfortable’ with state of own mind and society, including a sense that their own ways and beliefs are the right ones. Acknowledgement and tolerance is not sufficient anymore..... Despite today’s circumstances with regards to environment, humanity and technology which requires global collaboration in acceptance and adaptation (next stages in IDC), there is no urgent tendency for learning, evolving or appreciation from other cultures and societies (not just tolerance) with little awareness for changing from within oneself (individual or society). Disruptive change from within oneself is urgently required to tackle today’s immense human dilemmas.

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