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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Food for thoughts... the post virus era

While having my daily walk this morning in the park, smelling the springtime in the air, the thought came in my mind whether the post virus period will all be about going back to the previously usual rat race life style all over the world as we were used to or will there be some significant changes in people and societies, and the relations in between.

First of all, it needs to be seen whether the status quo of societies will be the same as before, meaning completely eradicated the #2019ncov virus or will there be a new status quo with a new virus living in our lives amid the other viruses present for long term.

Secondly, how is the confinement and ‘pause and reflect’ button hit in China and possibly other countries in the weeks to come, influencing people and governments to make serious and thoughtful reconsiderations about their lives, life styles and governance policies in a post virus era ?

Food for thoughts on a Sunday.

Wishing all a good protection and health and praise every moment for the people at the battle fronts fighting and containing the virus all over the world.

#foodforthought #china #psychology #covid2019 #gowuhan

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