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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Foreign brands in China | Each with their own storytelling

LEGO China “We are doing the right thing at the right market at the right time”. LEGO is building a huge success in China through market adaptation and digitization.

Market adaptation through toy designs for local traditions such as Chinese new year and promoting LEGO as a fun learning tool for children with massive growth of independent LEGO building schools.

At the end of 2018 LEGO had 60 shops in 18 Chinese cities. In 2019, it expects the number of shops to reach 140 in more than 30 cities. Lego’s most successful store launch in history was newly-opened 626 sqm flagship store last February in Beijing accommodating 15,000 people in its first weekend. One attraction was a copy of the Forbidden City constructed out of 2.2 million Lego bricks.

Last weekend the new Avenger movie was launched in Chinese theaters and LEGO displayed a set of Lego-made Peking opera masks, portraying various Avengers on city’s biggest shopping street, Nanjing East Road.

Digital integration for learning, entertainment, sales and interaction are a vital part as well of LEGO’s marketing in China.

A great success example of how to build your brand presence in the Chinese market, especially with strong local competition.

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