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  • Gordon Dumoulin

Forgotten for over a century, “The Six 六人” Chinese Titanic survivors

Forgotten for over a century, an untold piece of the Titanic’s history (1912). “The Six 六人”, a documentary film about the stories of 6 Chinese Titanic survivors has been released last week in Chinese cinemas, getting more than interesting reviews and sparking discussions about the resemblance of racism at that time, still pulsating in today’s world a century later.

The Chinese Exclusion Act, a US federal law (1882) was in place at that time, banning Chinese from the US, an act only fully abolished in 1965. Surviving Titanic wasn’t the greatest obstacle for the 6 Chinese survivors to overcome in their lives. The Chinese survivors were not allowed to disembark on the mainland after rescue but were sent away, first to Cuba, then scattered all around the world.

One of the six survived by clinging onto a wooden door, likely the inspiration for Rose's story in James Cameron's fictional movie "Titanic."

Displaying an epic journey across continents following the trails of the 6 Chinese Titanic survivors…

Directed (again) by director James Cameron (from the movie Titanic), the movie is expected to be released in other countries as well. See trailers here :

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